Floor Trusses Systems offer you

...A Competitive Edge

With an ABC component floor truss sytem you can eliminate beams, columns, footings, and pads by utilizing clear spans not available with dimensional materials. Reduced carpentry installation time: one piece of 2 x 8, 2 x 10, or 2 x 12, 12 feet long spaced 16" O.C. covers 16 square feet when spiked in place; a 24'-0" floor truss, spaced 24" O.C. covers 48 square feet. 16 square feet vs. 48 square feet = faster framing = lower labor costs.

...Faster Completion

No waiting for that beam to be delivered. No time lost setting, plumbing, and bracing intermediate bearing. Floor trusses are custom manufactured to your exact lengths and are delivered in bundles clearly coded for rapid placement. They stand unsupported on the 4" side of a 2 x 4 while being nailed. Cross bridging is no longer required. Both floor and ceiling installation made easier and faster by fastening to a 3" surface instead of the conventional 1" area. Mechanical trades go through the system with no boring, sawing, or chopping. Faster building = lower interest costs and better cash flow.


...Design Flexibility

The same features that have made Automated Building Components roof trusses the "Standard of the Construction Industry" are offered by incorporating floor trusses in your design. Room sizes are no longer limited by the allowable span of a conventional joist. Automated Building Components Engineered floor trusses offer high strength and rigidity over long clear spans. No unsightly beams and columns clutter the room. Mechanical trades are buried in the system giving you flush ceilings. Unsightly dropped soffits removed.

...Constant Quality-
At a

Joist shrinkage and twisting which cause cracked ceilings and squeaky floors are a thing of the past. Precision controlled manufacturing techniques give you consistently even floors and ceilings.

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Stated simply, it costs less to do a better job with
Automated Building Components, Inc.

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